Benefits of a Payday Loan

Try to imagine needing something (not wanting something, but needing something), but you do not have the money to get it. Well this is how thousands of people feel everyday. They are unable to get things they need because they do not have enough money and/or they have bad credit. Payday lenders make it possible for people with bad credit and limited amounts of money a chance to get a loan to get things they need. Plus if the borrower keeps up with their payday loan(s) they have the opportunity to establish good credit.

You need to keep in mind that there are processes that must occur regardless of what kind of loan you get including payday loans. So it does not matter if your loan amount is less than $1000.00 or over $500,000.00. So of course a high annual percentage rate (APR) with a small loan amount seems ridiculous, but the APR is being used to cover the cost of all of the paperwork expenses that go along with the loan. So really in the end an APR of 300% on a small loan is around the same as a 5% APR on a large loan. The interest from both the small and large loans are used for expenses that go along with loans, plus a slight profit for the company you are dealing with. Plus the larger interest rates for payday loans are so that payday lenders can cover themselves regardless of what happens.

Payday loans were actually created to help and serve underrepresented markets (like low-income people, young people, minorities, excreta). Lenders do not want to hurt you or make your life harder, but they also have to cover themselves and make sure they get their money back. So the high interest rates, being able to roll-over or not roll-over, and the number of payday loans you can receive in a year are all to benefit the customer.


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