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The state of Delaware currently allows payday loan transactions under certain conditions. Understanding the need for quick cash during hard times, Delaware enforces rules and regulations to maintain the integrity and fairness of the lending act. By setting up minimum and maximum transaction loans and fees, the state is making it easier for borrowers and creditors alike to reach agreements and resolve any conflicts that might appear during the course of the loan.

Today, there are currently several options for payday loans including bad debt loans, online applications and office-based transactions.

Delaware Payday Loan Process

The requirements for a payday loan in Delaware may change depending on the lending institution closing the deal. However, there are basic conditions that must be met as ascertained by the state which includes:

  • The borrower must be of legal age
  • Borrower must provide a proof of citizenship
  • Document proving current employment
  • Net income of $1000 per month minimum

Many payday lenders offer their services through the internet and promises quick approval. These institutions may or may not require a checking or savings account, depending on their practices. Once an application has been filled, the lenders will verify provided information and approve/reject the application. From here, it is a simple matter of accepting the loan and exacting payment after the required amount of time.


Delaware Payday Loan Laws and Regulations

Under Delaware’s small loan act, payday loans now have specific limitations to protect the borrowers and maintain fairness in the industry. Following are the regulations concerning Delaware borrowers:

  • Maximum allowable loan: $500
  • Loan tenure: Must be 60 days maximum
  • Rollovers: Four
  • Collection fee: allowed, one time for nonpayment but only if specified in contract
  • Maximum allowable outstanding loans at a time: not specified but no more than $1000

Under Delaware laws, there is still no limit for APR on 14-day loans costing at $100. A repayment plan and cooling off phase are also unspecified which leaves it on the assent of the lender.

Delaware Consumer Protection

To ensure protection of consumers under the small loan act of Delaware, individuals are advised to be aware of the governing laws. Regulation of cash advance loans fall under the Delaware Office of the State Bank Commissioner. Through here Web:, borrowers can check the legality of non-banking institutions offering payday loans for a fee. An online complaint center is also available for Delaware residents, making the process remarkably easy. Websites like offer additional information for those considering or have already available of a payday loan.

General’s Office — Consumer Protection Unit

State Office Building
820 N. French Street, 5th Floor
Wilmington, DE 19801
Phone: (302) 577-8600



Delaware Payday Loan Alternatives

There are currently numerous payday loan alternatives for Delaware ranging from debt consolidation to bank loans. Some borrowers can also seek cash advance directly from their employers to avoid the interest rate enforced by lending institutions. There’s also the option of drawing from your credit card, title loan or asking for the postponement of dues as you sort out your finances. Selling unused items or pawning them off are also good alternatives.

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