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This Privacy Policy applies to this site. This policy gives you the instructions on how to access and disseminate any information contained on this site. You can get all information below.

Type of Information We Collect

It consists of “personal information” and “non-personal information” obtained from each user site.

Personal Information

This information is in the form of statements that can be used to identify individuals. Through this site, we collect personal information when we receive the application form that has been filled out by the prospective borrower. We may also obtain personal data from information supplied by the Participating Lender. We collect some personal data such as names, phone numbers, home addresses, driver’s license, a job, email, bank accounts, etc. Any information that we collect will be confirmed with the relevant stakeholders to ensure its authenticity.

Non-Personally Identifiable Information

Non-personal information is information that cannot be identified with someone. This information is usually in the form of Internet usage data, which includes cookies, Internet access time, computer IP address, etc. This data will assist in the process of verifying the authenticity of the personal data. This data is also useful to identify consumers regardless of personal identity because our computer machine will automatically recognize and match data. This data will be collected in summary form with the help of one or more third parties, where this data can also be used as a means to analyze and observe the development of the business statistically.

Information Collected by Third Parties

We may allow third parties to display ads on our site. In addition to financial benefits, they can also help to collect anonymous data which can identify the user without having to see his personal data. In this case, a third party can identify a person by looking at a few traces that are left behind when accessing internet advertising.

How We Use Personal Information Identified

Our aim to collect and use your personal data is so that we can provide the products and services you need. We may also use your personal information to determine your eligibility as a prospective borrower in our network, the use of personal data, such as email and phone number, so we can interact with you is easy, inexpensive, and fast. This is beneficial for all parties, namely you, us, and the Participating Lender. We also can impart information to you quickly, if there are products and interesting information in the future.

By using your personal data, such as bank account and social security number, we can connect you with a Participating Lender quickly and accurately. We can also protect you from the possibility of fraudulent transactions, or in other words, we are witnesses of any transaction between you and the Participating Lender.

Sharing Personal Information-Your Identity

This means that you are willing to share personal data with a Participating Lender. In some aspects, you also be willing to get a quote on other programs of the Participating Lender. In addition, we may also share your personal information with third party marketers and managers in our network.

Each third party has a different policy regarding the disclosure of personal data of consumers. Policy generated by third parties will govern the use of your personal data in accordance with the regulations and requirements that have been listed in our website pages.

In a matter of law, we will cooperate with law enforcement authorities, such as police and courts; by sharing your personal data in accordance with the laws that have been established in the country in which you reside. We will share your personal data to law enforcement authorities, if it is necessary in the investigation of a case law. It is useful to protect all parties from the various unlawful acts. It also doubles as a consequence of our rules. We also may share your personal data in terms of ownership and transfer of assets to individuals or other entities.

Links to Third Party Web Sites

Once you access the website, then you are considered to be aware that we have the right to put up a link that can direct you to a lender’s website automatically. In this case, it is advisable for you to check the requirements of the Participating Lenders may have differences with the terms of our website. You need to know that any third-party sites in our network can share your personal data obtained as a result of your access to their ads.


We reserve the right to change any policies that have been set, and it includes changes in content, promise, information, and also features in this website without having to notify you. In other words, we can change all parameters in our site in real time and without notice. For some aspects, we will notify you via your personal email on changes that should be made. Another way that we use is to put up a notice on the main page of our site.

Children’s Privacy

We avoid the use by children under the age of 13 years and we also will not collect any personal data held by each child aged less than 13 years.


We have provided some security aspects which include information technology in order to prevent any unauthorized act to matters relating to our network. With these steps we can minimize the risk of unauthorized access to your personal data. One application is the granting of access to personal data only to authorized employees and third parties with very stringent requirements. Use your personal data only for the agreed business functions within our network. You should also be aware that we cannot guarantee 100% security of your personal data but we can minimize the risk of unauthorized access to your personal data.

Accessing Personal Information:  Your Identity

You can contact us by email if you want a review of your personal data that has been given.

Opt out Next Communications

In order to prevent “spam”, we provide “opt-out option” which serves to create a filter that you can use to select any additional information. By using the “opt-out option”, then you can be clear about your preferences in using our services.

In the application, you will receive a notification if you are contacted by a third party who wants to get your personal data. You can choose and refuse to share data with third parties as long as it does not violate our conditions.


You can contact us by email you have available if you have questions and concerns regarding our Privacy Statement.

For convenience you can also contact us directly.

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